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We are psychologists who founded MacDonald & Bryant in 1985.   We closed our group practice in 2019,  but are still practicing and looking forward to many more years.

Dr.  Bryant currently works at CPRI and is not seeing any clients through MacDonald & Bryant.

Dr. MacDonald is not doing any treatment work now. He has been focusing on doing legal and disability assessments for people who have been injured in car or work accidents.  He has provided expert testimony to Ontario courts approximately 25 times and has been qualified as an expert in psychology, rehabilitation and disability.  This is an important part of his work.


Legal & Disability Assessments


Assessments provide the following types of information:

Diagnosis and prognosis of injuries and disabilities

Relationship between injuries, disabilities and accident(s)

Evidence of pre-existing risks and vulnerabilities

Description of limitations, restrictions and capacity to work

Recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation

Opinions about serious and permanent impairment

Suitability of Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) categorization

Dr. Michael R. MacDonald


Dr. MacDonald is a psychologist who has devoted his career to helping people with severe and disabling forms of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. He is well known for his caring approach, his deep understanding of how chronic pain affects peoples’ lives, and for his work as an expert witness in court.

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      Dr. Susan L. Bryant


Dr. Bryant is a developmental psychologist and currently works at CPRI in London, Ontario. She is not currently doing any assessment or treatment work with MacDonald & Bryant.

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Why is Chronic Pain So Overwhelming for So Many People?

This is a big question asked by doctors, lawyers, family members and most importantly people who live every day in pain.  Chronic or long-term pain is a complex problem with many factors all working in concert. Dr. MacDonald tries to explain its complexity in a Free article (30 + pages). Available here  from Blog or Free eBook (60 pages)  here.

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